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Bad Choices Can Be Deadly and Hands Off My Man



Bad Choices Can Be Deadly

Even beautiful, professional, successful women can have relationship drama. And that’s Chanelle Slate. First she catches her boyfriend of 12 years in a compromising position. In their bed. And she makes it clear to him and his new lover how she feels about his betrayal. Then, against heavenly advice, she seeks comfort in the arms of her married colleague… until he decides to work on his marriage and moves out of state with his wife.

By the time the love she’s wanted all of her adult life is finally in front of her, the mistakes, and sins, of her past come back to haunt her. And she quickly learns that it will be impossible for everyone to make it out alive.


Hands Off My Man

Chanelle Slate finally believes she has it all.  She’s a beautiful woman with a great career, loving family, and supportive friends.  But the best part of her life is that she’s in love with an amazing man.  She knows her wedding proposal is right around the corner, and she can’t wait to be Mrs. Faust.

Twyla Logan-Faust has always been a kept woman.  But when her boyfriend ends up on death row and her accountant takes off with her money, her world falls apart.  But she has a solution to get her life back in order and that solution is her ex-husband, Rick.  Even when she discovers he’s moved on, she remains confident that no other woman can replace her.  With a little coaxing, she’s positive she’ll be Mrs. Faust again.

Rick Faust is caught in the middle.  His love for Chanelle is undeniable, but he was married to Twyla for years.  He knows Twyla’s secret and worries what she’ll do if he rejects her.  It’s impossible to make both women happy and he quickly realizes he has a major choice to make.  And even he doesn’t know what he’ll do.

The battle is on!  With both women determined to be the new Mrs., who will be able to say… Hands Off My Man?


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