Pre-Ordering Process For Paperback Books




Pre-ordering is a huge! Publishing companies have been doing it for years. Amazon Kindle has a process for pre-ordering, but what about paperback copies of your work?  Being able to generate buzz about your book is necessary and most self-published/India authors utilize a Print On Demand company such as CreateSpace to print their paperbacks.
The problem?  Once you hit “publish” on CreateSpace your book is live. Which means the window for doing pre-orders for your paperback is gone.
The solution? Amazon Advantage. There is a way to utilize AMAZON ADVANTAGE to accept your pre-orders and when you “publish” your book, you will switch the printing to CreateSpace to fill your orders.
Confused?  Don’t be. This video created by Eric Van Der Hope, #1 International Best Selling Author will walk you through the steps to up pre-orders through Amazon Advantage.
Follow each step and you should be able to work pre-orders of paperback books into your book launch campaign!
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