Monica Lynne Foster always knew she would be an author, starting with her first book when she was about 7. Her book "Charlie and the Dunce" was four whole pages! She can recall reading it to her family and receiving praise for a job well done. In hindsight, only God knows if her story was any good, but the encouragement she received from her family gave her the inspiration she needed to believe that she was a great writer.

Over the years, she began writing several books but was intimidated by the publishing process, so she only wrote for herself. In her early 30's, she made the decision to write her first Christian fiction novel. Because of her full time job as a Human Resources executive at a Fortune 100 company, she put her writing on the back burner and wrote a few chapters every couple of years. And then life happened...

At the age of 40, God began preparing her for a redirection of her life. In June she became engaged for the first time. In September, the Lord put her in a deep sleep while visiting her bestie in Italy. When she awoke, He told her to stay in Philippians Chapter 4 until He released her. Philippians spoke of the Lord providing a peace that would pass all understanding if she kept her mind stayed and focused on Him. She read that passage of Scripture almost daily. On Sunday, November 4, 2012, she recalls watching Joel Osteen on OWN speak about dreams, and she realized she had placed all of her dreams on hold to solely focus on her Corporate job. But God changed all that, because the following day, He released her from that Corporate job of 14 years to explore and pursue her dreams.

She married her heart the following May in Turks and Caicos and together they are building a thriving gas contracting business. But that business is her husband's dream.  Through his  encouragement, she returned to her love of writing and is pleased to share her internationally selling novels with the world as well as her inspirational series.

Through God's vision and blessings, her business has expanded beyond writing and publishing books. She publishes a faith-based blog, speaks at events, and has been the featured author for multiple book clubs. She coaches aspiring writers and helps them become published. And she works with women to help them fulfill their dreams.

In short, she's living her dreams and she wants you to live yours also!!!